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Reporting Units

Assistant Vice Chancellor, Academic Support of Inclusive Excellence

Dr. Sylvia Carey-Butler

Ph: 920-424-2245


Mr. Charles Hill

Ph: 920-424-1255


College Deans

College of Business

Dr. Scott Beyer, Interim Dean

Ph: 920-424-1444

department                                                   contact                     emailphone
Accounting Steve Makar [co-chair] 0158
Accounting Joann Cross [co-chair]  1311
Economics Chad Cotti 3013
Finance & Business Law Steve Dunn 1215
Information Systems Michael Eierman 1441
Management & Human Resources J. Ben Arbaugh 7189
Marketing & Supply Chain Management Michael Tippins 2094
Faculty Director of MBA Programs Dale Feinauer 4153


College of Education and Human Services

Dr. Fred Yeo

Ph: 920-424-3322

Teaching & Learning John Lemberger 2477
Educational Leadership and Policy Marguerite Penick-Parks  7210
Human Kinetics & Health Education Christine Tipps 0368
Human Services Leadership Janet Hagen 0336
Literacy and Language Michael Ford  4444
Professional Counseling M. Alan Saginak  1475
Special and Early Childhood Education Stacey Skoning 0115


College of Letters and Science

Dr. John Koker

Ph: 920-424-1210

African Studies Kenneth Grieb 1291
African-American Studies Norlisha Crawford 2254
Art Susan Maxwell  2222
Asian Studies James Frey 3477
Astronomy & Physics Nadejda Kaltcheva 7107
Athletic Training Robert Sipes 1298
Biology  Sheldon Cooper [Co-Chair] 1102
Biology Todd Kostman [Co-Chair] 1102
CAPP Program John Dobyns 3003
Chemistry Jennifer Mihalick 1400
Communication Studies Carmen Heider 4427
Computer Science Thomas Naps [Co-Chair] 2068
Computer Science David Furcy [Co-Chair]  1182
Criminal Justice David Jones 2492
English Roberta Maguire 2205
Environmental Studies Jim Feldman 3235
European Studies Heike Alberts 7109
Foreign Languages & Literatures Elizabeth Wade-Sirabian 4004
Geography & Urban Planning Colin Long 2182
Geology William Mode 4460
History Stephen Kercher 2456
International Studies Kenneth Grieb 1291
Journalism Timothy Gleason 7298
Kinesiology Leigh Ann Mrotek [Co-Chair] 0834
Kinesiology Dan Schmidt [Co-Chair]
Latin American Studies Rocio Cortes 7293
Mathematics K.L.D. Gunawardena 1333
Medical Technology John Strous 1487
Military Science Frederick Toti, LTC 3400
Music Alison Shaw 4224
Philosophy Larry Herzberg 7313
Physics & Astronomy Nadejda Kaltcheva 7107
Political Science Druscilla Scribner 0924
Psychology David Lishner 2300
Public Administration Anna Filipova 0037
Radio/TV/Film Edwin Jager 7057
Religious Studies & Anthropology Stephanie de Montigny 4406
Science Outreach Samara Hamze 7404
Social Justice Program Courtney Bauder  3462
Social Work Fredi Giesler 1419
Sociology Paul Van Auken 2038
Theatre Merlaine Angwall 7050
University Honors Program Laurence Carlin 7364/1303
Women & Science Jennifer Christus 7101
Women's Studies Christie Launius 0384


College of Nursing

Dr. Leslie Neal-Boylan

Ph: 920-424-7206

Graduate Program Director Judy Westphal 2106
Undergraduate Program Director Suzanne Marnocha 1028


Graduate Studies

Interim Dean, Graduate Studies

Mr. Gregory Wypiszynski

Ph: 920-424-0007



Interim Director, University Studies Program [USP]

Dr. Gabriel Loiacono

Ph: 920-424-1409


Interim Director, Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning [CETL]

Dr. Jordan Landry

Ph: 920-424-4223


Ph: 920-424-0401


Director, Grants and Faculty Development

Mr. Bob Roberts

Ph: 920-424-1415


Director, Sustainability

Mr. Brian Kermath

Ph: 920-424-1191


Director, University Honors Program

Dr. Laurence Carlin

Ph: 920-424-1368/7364


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