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UW System Annual Notice of Report of Outside Activities

(Code of Ethics) Guidelines for Reporting Outside Activities Under UWS 8.025
and Regent Policy Document 20-22


The UW System code of ethics policy has been created under the directive of Wis. Stat. § 19.45(11)(b), for the guidance of all UW System employees, to avoid activities which cause, or tend to cause, conflicts between their personal interests and their public responsibilities, and to improve standards of public service. 

Faculty, academic staff, and limited appointees (other than state public officials) are subject to Chapter UWS 8 of the Wisconsin Administrative Code, Please consult Ch. UWS 8, Wisconsin Administrative Code and SYS 1290.

University Staff are subject to the University Staff Code of Ethics. Effective July 1, 2015, university staff are subject to a code that is set forth in Section III of RPD 20-22.  The University Staff Code of Ethics was closely modeled after Wisconsin Administrative Code, Chapter ER-MRS 24, the Code of Ethics for classified state employees. University staff do not have to fill out the Faculty/Limited/and Academic Staff OAR form.

Wis. Admin. Code § UWS 8.035 requires that each institution shall have an institutional ethics committee, “whose function shall be to provide to any member of the unclassified staff consultation and advice on the application” of Chapter UWS 8 Unclassified Staff Code of Ethics.  The institutional ethics committee can either be established or designated as part of an existing committee.  

The UW Oshkosh Ethics Code Committee membership with contacts information on ethics issues can be found under University Committees at the UWO Faculty Senate Website at  Employees may contact either the Faculty Senate President or the Associate Vice Chancellor for Faculty and Academic Staff Affairs for initiating ethics committee reviews. The committee meets on an ad-hoc basis. 

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