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GOV 6.1. Faculty Voting Rights for Instructional Academic Staff.


History: This document was originally approved by the Faculty Senate in November 1986 and by the Chancellor in December 1986. After consultation with the Faculty Senate and the Senate of Academic Staff, the following amendments were approved by Chancellor Kerrigan in December 1992. Revisions were made to the document and approved by the Faculty Senate on May 3, 1994 and, after consultation with the Senate of Academic Staff, approved by Chancellor Kerrigan on June 6, 1994. Section II was revised and received final approval on April 14, 1998.

  1. Criteria for Eligibility for Faculty Voting Rights.

    Academic staff members will be automatically eligible to exercise faculty voting rights if they are working in an instructional assignment with an appointment of more than one-half time in an academic department or equivalent unit and are in their fifth semester with that department or unit. Academic staff working under a limited appointment are ineligible.
  2. Conditions Under Which Voting Rights Are Extended.

    Faculty voting rights for Instructional Academic Staff are restricted to departments (or their equivalent) affairs excluding recruitment, tenure, appointment/reappointment and promotion. Instructional Academic Staff who are in their departments’ (or equivalent) merit pool may vote on merit recommendations; all others are excluded. Departments (or equivalent) can determine whether or not Administrative/Professional Academic Staff be given the same voting rights as Instructional Academic Staff.
  3. Procedures.

    Departments (or equivalent units) must inform the senate each year of the instructional academic staff persons eligible for voting rights in the unit.        

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