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GOV 3.7. Conference Committee.


  1. Purpose - The purpose of the conference committee is to clarify and perhaps resolve differences in actions or decisions between the Senate of Academic Staff and Faculty Senate on issues deemed to have significant impact to these governance groups or the institution.

    The use of a conference committee is guided by the principle that efficient shared governance is accomplished, in part, by the timely collaborative resolution of differing actions or decisions.
  2. Procedure
    1. When there is an action/decision upon which the Senates take differing positions, a representative from either Senate may request to form a conference committee.  The request will be made to any member of the Senate's executive committee.
    2. The request would be posed to each executive committee of the Senates and they would decide if they wish to form a conference committee regarding the action/decision in question.  This assumes the executive committees have the authority from their Senates to determine and form a conference committee if necessary.
    3. Representation from each Senate on the conference committee shall be equal with each member of the committee having one equal vote.  Each Senate reserves the right to have senator(s) in addition to or in replacement of any member(s) of its executive committee as deemed necessary for the conference committee to do its work.
    4. Upon approval to form a conference committee, each Senate agrees to begin the process as quickly as possible to not delay generating a committee proposal.
    5. The conference committee will be expected to meet and complete a proposal by the next regularly scheduled meeting of each Senate or within a reasonable time so as not to unnecessarily delay a vote on the proposal.
    6. Each Senate will vote on the proposal of the conference committee.  Each Senate has two options;
      1. Vote to approve or not approve the proposal as presented by the conference committee.
      2. Ask the conference committee for an amended proposal.  The Senates may ask the conference committee only one time for an amendment.  When the conference committee returns with an amended or the original proposal, each Senate will vote to approve or not approve.
    7. The full senate vote after a. or b. above is final.  If the conference committee proposal is not accepted, each Senate agrees to respect the other Senate's differing action/decision.

All final votes will be forwarded to the appropriate party(ies) as required.

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