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GOV 3.4. Faculty Senate Committee on Assessment of Student Learning (FSCASL).


  1. Responsibilities - Coordinate assessment efforts including (but not limited to) assessment in verbal and quantitative areas; assessment of undergraduate major programs, assessment of graduate programs. Monitor assessment activity including publication of program goals in appropriate documents; integration of assessment into program review; connecting assessment to program improvement. Plan including the development of university assessment plan; the development of professional development opportunities related to assessment; and determining budget requirements and advocating budgetary support for assessment activities.
  2. Membership - Twelve members. One faculty member (nominated by Committee on Committees and appointed by the Faculty Senate) from each of these constituencies: Fine and Performing Arts, Social Science, Math/Science, Humanities, Business Administration, Nursing, Education (total seven (7) members); one Faculty Senator appointed by the Senate to serve as liaison to the Senate; two students appointed by OSA; one member of instructional academic staff appointed by the Senate of Academic Staff; one member appointed by the Provost and Vice Chancellor. The seven (7) faculty will serve three- year staggered terms. The Senate liaison term will be the same as the term as senator. Student terms will be decided by OSA. The academic staff term will be decided by the Senate of Academic Staff.
  3. Chair - The Faculty Senate Executive Committee will select the chair from the membership. The term of chair shall be for one year. The chair may be reappointed up to three years. 

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