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Gov 3.2. University Studies Committee

Charge - The University Studies Committee is responsible for the management, review, assessment, and approval of courses for the University Studies Program. In carrying out this general charge, the committee will periodically review university studies requirements and curriculum and will formulate and recommend any policy changes it deems appropriate. The committee will develop criteria for approving courses that satisfy University Studies requirements.

The University Studies Committee will participate in any University-wide process to assess, plan or change the University Studies Program. Any proposals concerning the University Studies Program originating outside of the University Studies Committee will be received and considered by the committee. The committee may hold hearings on the University Studies Program or on any proposals concerning it and may submit proposals to a faculty referendum.

All actions of the committee will be determined by a majority vote of the committee. All actions affecting the University Studies Program will be determined by recorded vote of the committee.

The committee will forward its recommendations directly to the Faculty Senate. As it deems appropriate, the committee may send its recommendations to other governance groups, such as the Chair of the Academic Policies Committee (APC), the University Registrar, the President of Faculty Senate, the Chair of the University Assessment committee and the Provost.

The Faculty Senate and/or the Academic Policies Committee may assign other tasks concerning the University Studies Program to the University Studies Committee.

Membership: The committee consists of thirteen (13) members: seven (7) faculty members appointed by the Faculty Senate (to ensure that all three Professional Colleges and all four divisions of COLS are represented); one (1) Director of the University Studies Program; one (1) academic staff appointed by the Senate of Academic Staff; one (1) Director of the First Year Experience; one (1) Chair of the Faculty Senate Committee on Assessment of Student Learning (FSCASL); one (1) non-voting Provost Administrative Representative; and one (1) undergraduate student appointed by the Oshkosh Student Association. The seven (7) faculty members will serve three-year staggered terms so that the terms of all seven (7) do not end at the close of the same academic year. On first implementing staggered terms four (4) faculty will serve for two (2) years. The Director of the University Studies Program, the Director of the First Year Experience, the Chair of the FSCASL; and the Provost’s Administrative Representative will serve indefinite terms for the duration of their respective appointments. The student term will be for one (1) year. If a member does not attend meetings for a semester, that member’s position will be deemed vacant and filled as specified above.

Chair - The Chair of the University Studies Committee will be elected by the members of the committee at its first meeting in the new academic year. The Chair must be a faculty member. The Chair serves on Academic Policies Committee (APC) and may be on additional APC committees.

Reporting - The Chair of the University Studies Committee will forward a copy of the minutes of meetings to the President of the Faculty Senate.

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