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GOV 3.1. Academic Policies Committee.


  1. Responsibilities- The Academic Policies Committee, subject to Senate approval, will carry out the faculty's responsibility for the academic policies and programs of the university. For more specific information, see the Faculty Senate Academic Policies Committee document approved by the Faculty Senate on March 1, 1994 (name changed - September 13, 1994) (Revised October 11, 1994).

  2. Membership: The committee consists of thirteen (13) members: seven (7) faculty members appointed by the Faculty Senate (to ensure that all three Professional Colleges and all four divisions of COLS are represented); one (1) Director of the University Studies Program; one (1) academic staff appointed by the Senate of Academic Staff; one (1) Director of the First Year Experience; one (1) Chair of the Faculty Senate Committee on Assessment of Student Learning (FSCASL); one (1) non-voting Provost Administrative Representative; and one (1) undergraduate student appointed by the Oshkosh Student Association. The seven (7) faculty members will serve three-year staggered terms so that the terms of all seven (7) do not end at the close of the same academic year. On first implementing staggered terms four (4) faculty will serve for two (2) years. The Director of the University Studies Program, the Director of the First Year Experience, the Chair of the FSCASL; and the Provost’s Administrative Representative will serve indefinite terms for the duration of their respective appointments. The student term will be for one (1) year. If a member does not attend meetings for a semester, that member’s position will be deemed vacant and filled as specified above.

  3. Chair - The chair of the Academic Policies Committee will be elected by the Academic Policies Committee. The term will be for one year, renewable for a maximum of three years.

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