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ARTICLE V. College and School Affairs.

Section 1. Purposes.  This Article sets forth principles meant to assure the faculty its proper role in college and school affairs.

Section 2. College and School.  Faculty members shall be voting members of the college or school to which they are assigned for the greatest part of their time. Those whose assignment is divided equally between two or more such units shall choose voting membership in one of the units. The choice is to be communicated to the Executive Committee of the Faculty Senate and to the appropriate unit. Faculty members may be non-voting members of other units in accord with the bylaws of those units.

A.   Administrators who hold a limited appointment shall not be voting members of a college or school.

B.    A faculty member may be a non-voting member of other colleges or schools in accordance with the bylaws of those schools or colleges.

C.    Membership in a college or school is limited to faculty members, as defined in Article I, Section 1 of this constitution.

D.   A faculty member may be a member of both an undergraduate college and a graduate program.

Section 3. College and School Bylaws.  Each school or college covered by this Article shall establish written bylaws consistent with the Faculty Constitution. The bylaws shall be drafted by an elected committee, approved by a majority of the eligible voters who choose to vote, and shall become effective after acceptance by the Faculty Senate.

A.   School and college bylaws shall specify procedures for faculty governance. The bylaws shall provide for the exercise of faculty responsibility for the immediate governance and of primary faculty responsibility for academic and faculty personnel matters. The bylaws shall provide for a procedural relationship between the college and the appropriate committees of the Faculty Senate. College committees that deal with academic, personnel, or governance matters shall be elected and shall be chaired by an elected faculty member.

B.    Members of the faculty shall review their school or college bylaws at least every five years.

Section 4. Selection of Deans and Equivalent Administrators.  Search and screen committees for deans and equivalent administrators of faculty units shall be composed of at least 60% faculty members elected in accordance with the faculty unit bylaws.


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