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Faculty Governance

GOV 1. The Faculty Constitution

Initial Approval: October 27, 1980 Latest Revision: Faculty Senate Approval: May 14, 2019 Faculty Referendum Approval (136-12): November 8, 2019 We, the members of the Faculty of the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh, establish this constitution in order to promote the common interest of faculty, students, and administration in enhancing the academic quality of the university, to provide an organizational structure to preserve academic freedom, to protect academic due process, to assure shared responsibility in university decision making, to promote cooperation in university governance, and to establish a structure and procedures by which the faculty may exercise its responsibility for the immediate governance of the institution and for academic and faculty personnel matters.

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GOV 2. Bylaws of Faculty Senate

Approved by Faculty Senate: May 9, 1989 Amended by Faculty Senate: March 9, 1999 Amended by Faculty Senate: May 4, 2004 Amended by Faculty Senate: February 15, 2005

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GOV 3. Faculty Senate Committees

Amended December 11, 2001 Amended April 9, 2002 Amended May 20, 2003 Amended April 5, 2005 Amended May 3, 2005 Amended March 13, 2012 The following committees serve the University at large by studying particular areas of faculty concern and making recommendations to the administration through the Faculty Senate. These faculty standing committees, as distinct from ad hoc and departmental and divisional committees, are appointed by the Committee on Committees of the Faculty Senate from a list of volunteers compiled by questionnaire. Appointments are made annually, in the fall, on a three-year rotational basis--one third of each committee membership eligible for replacement or reappointment each year. The number of members staffing a committee varies in some cases as needs dictate.

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