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GEN 4.A.1. Overview.


The University of Wisconsin Oshkosh provides support to members of its academic community for a variety of activities in addition to assigned teaching responsibilities. In some instances, a result of the activity is a project involving ownership rights, including copyrights, patents and royalties or a prize awarded to the author.

The UW System copyright policy (GAPP #27) associates ownership rights with the degree of University support and the purpose for which the support was given. The categories defining this relationship are as follows:

(1)   No University support;

(2)   Minimal University support (no salary or released time);

(3)  Substantial University support;

(4)   Assigned duty or work-for-hire arrangement;

(5)   Support from extramural sponsor.

The University asserts no ownership claim in categories 1 and 2. It indicates that ownership may be claimed in category 3, although the University may choose not to do so. In category 4 ownership resides with the University, with some royalties going to the author. Projects supported from extramural sources are subject to the terms of the funding agency.

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