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GEN 2.9. Faculty Internal Salary Equity Process.




GEN 2.9. Faculty Internal Salary Equity Process.

Faculty Senate: Approved May 14, 2013;

Rev 9-25-13 Provost’s Administrative Staff: Approved July 23, 2013

Chancellor: Approved September 30, 2013


This process is designed to address external salary inequities that have resulted from forces outside of individual faculty member’s performance and the university’s merit process. Faculty members will be eligible for a remedy salary inequity once every four years.

(1)     Funding for the plan will come from a combination of sources including, but not limited to, any or all of the following: the faculty salary pool; the colleges; and the university. Each biennium a memo of understanding will be written to determine sources of the funds.

(2)     A variable salary equity fund will be created.

(3)     Distribution of Funds

(a)     All university faculty will be eligible for an equity adjustment in each cycle.

(b)     Faculty will automatically be evaluated in the equity process and no application or documentation is required.

(c)     Data will be provided by the Office of Institutional Research that include a regression analysis using current salary and CUPA data as the criterion and the following variables as predictors:

        • Peer Group (External salary data from the College and University Professional Association)
        • Academic Discipline (Discipline specific comparisons from the CUPA group code)
        • Rank: Assistant, Associate, Full, and Distinguished Professor
        • Year started at UW Oshkosh
        • Year promoted to current rank
        • Average Merit for the last five years

Separate regression analyses will be performed for each individual Faculty member. The first will use CUPA average salary data for Midwestern peer universities by corresponding discipline and rank. The second will use internal university salary data by academic discipline and rank. Any award the faculty member may receive will be the larger of the two predicted salaries if an equity adjustment is warranted. All salary equity adjustment recommendations will be based on the salary differentials between the faculty member’s actual salary and their predicted salary.

The initial level of review will consist of the data analysis provided by the Faculty Internal Salary Equity Committee with the assistance of the Office of Institutional Research. The four members of the FISEC will be appointed by the Faculty Senate Executive Committee to assure faculty with appropriate statistical analytical skills will serve on the committee. The adjustments recommended must be limited to the  funding available in each four-year cycle. Due to the confidential nature of the review process, committee deliberations, regression information, and recommendations are to be held in the strictest confidence. No specific information will be shared with previous levels of review. At the conclusion of the process, the Chancellor may provide summary data, in aggregate, to the Faculty Internal Salary Equity Committee.

The recommendation of the initial level of review for each faculty member will be passed along to the appropriate Dean. Each Dean will forward a salary recommendation to the Provost and Vice Chancellor. The total salary increases recommended by each Dean must fall within five percent of the increases recommended for each individual faculty member by the initial level of review.

The Provost and Vice Chancellor shall review the files and pass them along with a recommendation to the Chancellor who shall have the final authority to make adjustments and to allocate all or some of the funding available each year. The equity plan will run for a four-year cycle. Toward the end of that cycle a review will be conducted to determine if another four-year cycle is warranted.

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