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GEN 2.4. Compensation for Additional Services (CAS).

Provost’s Administrative Staff: Approved October 1, 2013;approved FS modifications September 30, 2014

Faculty Senate: Approved October 15, 2014

Senate of Academic Staff: Approved November 21, 2013; Approved Revisions October 23, 2014

Chancellor: Approved October 31, 2014

GEN 2.4. Compensation for Additional Services (CAS).

Faculty and renewable academic staff who are scheduled or have completed the 39‑week academic year time requirement‑‑34 weeks of which must be in organized activities such as formal instruction, curricular development, research, and other appropriate activities related to University responsibilities during which the staff member will be accessible to students and colleagues – may be employed by the University outside these time commitments. Compensation received by academic year employees outside the 39-week academic year time frame is called Compensation for Additional Services (CAS). UW System policy states CAS received should not in aggregate exceed two-ninths of the academic year salary of the person appointed unless explicit exception is granted by the Chancellor (or designee). The complete policy (ACPS-4) is available from your department chairperson or equivalent. UW Oshkosh generally limits CAS to 15 percent of the academic year salary.

(1)   Separate contracts (Personnel Transaction Forms) are issued for all Compensation for Additional Service payments. The decision to offer a CAS contract is based upon University, college, and department or unit needs. Since CAS is considered as an extension of contract into new time periods, an individual cannot be awarded CAS monies while working full time under the regular contract. Weeks must be moved into free time periods before payment can be made. (Supervisor must be consulted regarding weeks changes.)

(2)   Teaching duties are calculated on the basis of 2.5 percent of the academic base salary per credit with a maximum payment of 15 percent. With the exception of the Faculty Development Board, non‑teaching duties are calculated on the basis of 7.5 percent of the base salary per month of a full‑time assignment, with a maximum payment of 15 percent.

(3)   Compensation for Additional Service is also available for faculty development. The maximum allowable CAS payment is 20 percent of the base salary or $18,000, whichever is greater. For nine-month employees, the limit is 20 percent of their academic appointment base salary or $18,000, whichever is greater. See the faculty development section in these materials for additional details.

(4)   The maximum CAS payment funded by institutional dollars to an individual for any year is  20 percent of the individual's academic base salary unless explicit exception is provided by the Provost and Vice Chancellor (or designee) for instructional staff or the Vice Chancellor of the division in question and the Vice Chancellor of Administrative Services (or designee) for non-instructional staff. CAS payments funded by institutional dollars and external dollars may not exceed two-ninths of the academic year salary as defined in UW System policy.

(5)   Further information on CAS may be obtained from supervisors.


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