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GEN 1.6.(2). Complimentary Tickets for Athletic and Cultural Events.


Chapter 36.39 of the Wisconsin Statutes is the only statute restricting the provision of complimentary tickets in the UW System. It is related to athletic events. The statute provides that:

Complimentary and reduced price tickets to any system athletic event for which an admission fee is normally charged are prohibited with the following exceptions:

(1) Reduced price tickets for persons 62 years of age or older, minors and students;

(2) Complimentary and reduced price tickets required by rules of intercollegiate athletic conferences in which the system participates; and

(3) Complimentary and reduced price tickets for individuals who perform duties directly related to the conduct of the athletic event for which they are issued.

There is no Board of Regents or UW System policy that restricts the provision of complimentary or reduced price tickets to students and faculty for campus cultural events.

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