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FAC 3.8. Graduate Faculty.


(1)   Definition.

Graduate Faculty members shall include those persons of the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh who qualify for and accept appointment as Graduate Faculty and who assume any of the incumbent responsibilities.

(2)   Responsibility.

These responsibilities may include, but are not confined to, graduate admissions decisions and recommendations; graduate student academic advisement; Graduate Council and/or departmental graduate committee activities; candidacy and Comprehensive Examination responsibilities; involvement with theses, seminar or clinical paper development and evaluation; assignment to graduate classroom instruction.

(3)   Membership.

The Graduate Faculty shall consist of four groups:

(a)   Ranked Faculty


        1. the earned doctorate or the appropriate terminal degree in the professional field or discipline;
        2. rank of assistant professor, associate professor, or professor;
        3. a record of productive scholarship;
        4. ability for graduate level teaching;
        5. assignment to activities central to the student’s completion of graduate program requirements. 

(b)   Full-time Instructional Academic Staff (appointment for one year and renewable)


        1. the earned doctorate or the appropriate terminal degree in the professional field or discipline from a graduate school accredited by a regional accrediting agency;
        2. a record of productive scholarship;
        3. ability for graduate level teaching; and
        4. assignment to graduate teaching or other responsibilities as identified under section (2) above.

(c)   Temporary Faculty (appointment is for one term and renewable)

Temporary status may be granted to persons without the appropriate terminal degree but otherwise qualified for teaching a specific course, or part-time appointees assigned to teach a specific course.

(d)   Adjunct Faculty (appointment may be on a continuing basis)

Adjunct appointments are granted to persons who have professional expertise in their field similar to faculty on the campus and who are fully employed outside the University. These appointments do not include implications for tenure or probationary status and do not convey faculty voting status. No salary or fringe benefits are awarded.

(4)   Appointment Procedure.

(a)   On an annual basis by October 1, each college shall respond to the Office of Graduate Studies indicating new nominees, continuing members, and deleted members of the Graduate Faculty. Appointments will be recommended by the Provost, of the persons meeting qualifications listed in parts (2) and (3), and approved by the Graduate Council.

(b)   All members of the Graduate Faculty at the time of the adoption of the revised Bylaws shall retain their membership on the Graduate Faculty.

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