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FAC 3.2.A. Probationary appointments.


Tenure is not acquired solely because of years of service.

"Probationary appointment" means an appointment by the Board of Regents which is granted to a faculty member who is employed half time or more.

The probationary period at University of Wisconsin Oshkosh shall be a maximum of: (1) seven years for faculty appointed full time; (2) ten years for faculty appointed at least three‑quarter time but less than full time; or (3) fourteen years for faculty appointed at least half time but less than three‑quarter time. As stated in section UWS 3.04(2), above: "A leave of absence, sabbatical or a teacher improvement assignment does not constitute a break in continuous service and shall not be included in the 7‑year period . . .." In addition, as set forth in section UWS 3.04(3), above, other specified circumstances may also be excluded from the seven-year rule.

The proportion of time provided for in the appointment may not be diminished or increased without the mutual consent of the faculty member and the institution unless the faculty member is dismissed or terminated or laid‑off.

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