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FAC 3.10. Leaves of Absence.


A leave of absence generally includes leave without pay, sabbatical, professional development semester, externally funded, and extended sick leave, which includes family, medical, domestic partner, and/or other approved leaves. University approved leaves may include circumstances beyond those covered under the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA). Leaves must be approved at the department, college, and Vice Chancellor levels. Leaves without pay are approved for a time period of up to one year and may be extended to two years. Leaves beyond two years may be negotiated. A leave of absence outside of FMLA is contingent upon affirmative recommendations for reappointment for the year in which the leave is requested.

The tenure clock automatically stops, unless otherwise requested, for faculty on leave for equal to, or greater than, one semester. The contract is automatically extended for probationary faculty on leave and this person does not go through the renewal process while on leave. When the faculty member returns, he or she shall consult with the Provost and Vice Chancellor's office to determine the appropriate renewal cycle and terms of appointment consistent with the Faculty Personnel Policies. Upon return, the term of appointment will extend for the same number of years beyond the leave period as had been approved prior to the leave. Each year of approved leave will extend the total term of appointment by one year.

Refer to Chapter 4, Part B. Faculty Renewal and Tenure in these Faculty Personnel Materials for notification timelines.

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