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FAC 4.E.3. Early Tenure.


(1)   Faculty members who have been credited by UW Oshkosh with a total of five or more years of full time experience in the rank of instructor, assistant professor, associate professor, or professor at UW Oshkosh and/or at a comparable academic institution prior to their appointment at UW Oshkosh may request consideration for early tenure as provided below.

(a)   Faculty must be in the rank of associate professor or professor to request early tenure consideration. Faculty granted time toward their probationary period should meet the same level of achievement for faculty eligible for tenure in their sixth year at UW Oshkosh.

(b)   Faculty wishing to apply for an early tenure decision must inform their department chairperson or equivalent, in writing, at the time they are notified that they will be evaluated for renewal/non-renewal, or earlier. Faculty whose requests for early tenure are denied may not be considered again for early tenure. A denial of early tenure shall not prejudice action on tenure at the completion of the usual probationary period. The Provost and Vice Chancellor’s Office should be consulted to determine if the years of experience criterion is met.

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