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FAC 4.B.4. Renewal for Multiple Years.


Probationary faculty (whether hired under single-year or two-year initial appointments) may be considered for renewal for subsequent two- or three-year terms, subject to the following conditions:

(1)   Multiple-year renewals require the recommendation of the initial level of review and are subject to review by successive levels (i.e., college Dean, and Provost and Vice Chancellor). The multiple-year tenure track appointment sequence will ordinarily follow a 2-3-2 year appointment cycle at the initiative of the department. After the initial two-year tenure track appointment, renewals ordinarily occur in the second and fourth years of service. The tenure decision takes place in the sixth year.

(2)   All recommendations for multi-year renewals will be accompanied by written rationale from all levels of review that address the following factors:

(a)   the credentials of the probationary employee;

(b)   the candidate’s demonstrated effectiveness in teaching, scholarly activities and service; and

(c)   a statement of the candidate’s expected performance during the renewal period.

(3)   Tenure decisions require a separate affirmative decision based upon a comprehensive review of the candidate’s record of teaching, scholarly activities, and service.

(4)   Required fourth year review: In order to focus attention on the record of accomplishment and to provide the probationary faculty with direction and sufficient time to demonstrate continued development, all probationary faculty members must be given renewal consideration two years prior to the expected tenure review.

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