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ACS 13.4. Academic Staff Regents Award for Excellence.

With the Academic Staff Regents Awards for Excellence, the UW Board of Regents recognizes the dedication, excellence of performance, personal interaction, initiative and creativity, and outstanding achievement of administrative and professional (non-instructional) academic staff. The purpose, eligibility requirements and criteria for selection and nomination are outlined by the Board of Regents. The selection process at UW Oshkosh precedes the selection process for the Outstanding Service Award and includes the following activities.

(1)   Selection Committee. The selection committee appointed by the Senate of Academic Staff for the Outstanding Service Award will serve as the selection committee for the Academic Staff Regents Awards for Excellence.

(2)   Nominations. In November of each year, nominations for the Academic Staff Regents Awards for Excellence will be solicited.

(3)   Procedure.

(a)   A listing of individuals who are eligible to receive the award will be provided to the committee by the office of the Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs.

(b)   The committee will send out a call for nominations by the first week of November.

(c)   Nominations of eligible individuals will be received by the Committee by December 6 and nominees will be notified of their nomination by December 13.

(d)   The committee will ask for documentation from each nominee to be received by January 15.

(e)   The committee will draw up a list of no more than four and no fewer than two individuals they recommend for receipt of the award. This list should not be ranked.

(f)    The committee's list and statements of recommendation will be forwarded by January 27 to the Chancellor, who will select the UW Oshkosh nominee. If the Chancellor or designee needs additional information, clarification, or advice, he/she will request a meeting with the committee.

(g)   The Chancellor or designee will submit a complete set of nomination materials for the UW Oshkosh nominee to UW System by sometime in early February. (See UW System guidelines for the exact date.)

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