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ACS 13.2. Criteria.


Nominees must demonstrate excellence in their current job in providing student and/or professional support services at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh.

(1)   Evidence of outstanding performance in the nominee’s current position is the primary consideration for receiving the Outstanding Service Award. This primary area will constitute no less than 75 percent of a nominee’s evaluation for this award.

(2)   Evidence of outstanding service beyond the nominee’s current position is of secondary consideration. Performance in the following areas will constitute no more than 25 percent of a nominee’s award.

(a)   Service to the University.  Service (outside their job description) with university-wide impact such as serving on University-wide committees, inter-departmental committees, focus groups, task forces, etc.;

(b)   Service to the nominee's profession.  Service on professional committees, speaking engagements, publications, or participation in professional development activities that advance the nominee's profession and enhance the nominee's performance in his or her role at the University; or

(c)   Service to the greater community.  Service as a representative of UW Oshkosh that enhances or promotes the University's mission, vision, or strategic goals and directions.

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