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ACS 16.2. Form.






alleges unfair treatment or dissatisfaction with aspects of working


objection to perceived misconduct and seeks disciplinary action against another employee



sanction; can lead to dismissal from

employment for another employee


UW Oshkosh Academic Staff Personnel Rules Chapter 15

UW Oshkosh Academic Staff Personnel Rules Chapter 16


These rules refer to written complaints signed by the complainant. Oral or anonymous complaints are not considered. Complaints shall be given to the Chancellor or designee within 60 calendar days of the date on which the violation became known to the complainant and shall contain the following information:

(1)   Description of the specific act(s) which resulted in the complaint, the date(s) when the act(s) took place, and the names of persons involved.

(2)   A listing of the specific rules, policies or performance obligations alleged to have been violated, or the nature of the alleged misconduct.

(3)   Evidence to support the complaint. Such evidence may include materials predating the action and leading to the complaint.

(4)   Desired outcome.

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