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ACS 16.1. Complaints.


If the complaint concerns any of the discrimination or harassment sections in GEN 1.2(1) through (8), the complaint is made according to the process outlined in that section of this Handbook.

Pursuant to UWS 13.01, a complaint is an allegation concerning the conduct of an academic staff member which violates University rules or policies, or which adversely affects the staff member's performance or obligation to the University. The Chancellor or designee shall decide whether a complaint as filed is serious enough to warrant dismissal proceedings under chapters UWS 11 and Chapter 17 of these rules.

(1)   A formal complaint seeks disciplinary action against another employee.

(2)   A complaint may be brought against an academic staff member by supervisor(s), administrators, students, other academic staff, faculty, classified staff, or members of the public. Persons with a complaint are encouraged to utilize informal discussion, collegial interaction and existing structures to resolve conflicts and remedy personal and professional concerns whenever possible. Where these do not provide a satisfactory resolution, the following formal procedure provides a means by which a person may bring a complaint against the conduct of an academic staff member.

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