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ACS 1.2. Conditions of Academic Staff Appointments.


(1)   Individuals appointed to the academic staff hold appointments as members of the University’s unclassified staff and are hired and assigned to an identified operational area (e.g., academic department, college, or administrative unit, etc.) at the time of appointment.

(2)   Academic staff appointments shall be issued to all professional/administrative unclassified positions.

(3)   Academic staff appointments shall be issued to full-time, part-time and/or temporary instructional positions. Temporary appointments include:

(a)   A position not expected to be filled for more than one year by the same individual (e.g., replacement for a person on leave);

(b)   A position specifically designed for academic staff by the department or administrative unit; or

(c)   A position created with funding from a source other than State General Purpose Revenue (e.g., federal grants or other private funding) such that continued funding for the position is uncertain.

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