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Benefits of Attending the Summer Program

There are many reasons (academic and non-academic) that students choose to attend the summer program.  Below is a list of the top ten reasons why many students choose to attend the summer program.

  1. Students leave the summer program knowing where the key departments are on campus are located.
  2. Students form a relationship with the staff members and feel more confident using Project Success services in the fall.
  3. Students get to experience what a general education class is with a university professor prior to entering in the fall semester
  4. Students begin there first full college semester with an established GPA and a realistic expectations of college course expectations.
  5. Students have a network of peers that they have grown to know throughout the summer, often leading to lasting friendships.
  6. Students get an opportunity to practice reading and writing skills at the college level
  7. Students become familiar with Project Success Policies and Procedures for arranging accommodations and additional services
  8. Students get to practice living independently while learning the hard and soft skills necessary for college success.
  9. Students get to  learn tips and strategies for organization, test-taking, time-management, and balancing social and academic priorities
  10. Students get the opportunity to experience all the fun activities that UWO has to offer, including kayaking, cycling, rock wall climbing, and much more through various opportunities and collaboration with the Student Rec & Wellness Center