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First-Year Writing Students

Project Success provides additional resources and services for students enrolled in introductory English courses, such as Wrt 100 or Wrt 188. Students enrolled in the first-year Writing courses are encouraged to use the Project Success Writing Lab, along with individual tutoring services.

Students Currently Enrolled in Writing or Composition Courses

Project Success offers additional tutoring support for students enrolled in Writing, Composition, and Communication courses. Students can contact an individual tutor through Project Success to receive up to 3 additional hours of Writing tutoring every week.

Writing Lab

The Project Success Writing Lab is open daily for drop-in use. Tutors assist students with the entire writing process, from brainstorming ideas and organizing the material to writing and editing the paper. The student is responsible for the content and writing, but the tutor’s job is to teach the writing process to the student.

Writing Lab Hours

Written Expression – Summer Transition Program

The summer course offers direct instruction to remediate writing skills deficits by providing the student with a variety of methods and applications aimed at increasing their knowledge and skill with the intent that students will apply these skills to passing Writing 100.