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Remedial Reading and Spelling Courses

College Reading – Summer Transition Program

A course on reading and spelling is part of the three-credit coursework offered during the Summer Transition Program. The course uses a systematic drill of phonemes, affixes, and roots to develop each student’s ability to read and comprehend college-level textbooks and materials. Similar drills are employed to teach spelling. In addition, syllabication for both reading and spelling purposes is also taught.

Reading Remediation

Not all Project Success students need reading remediation lessons, so it is not a required component of our program. However, it is strongly suggested for students whose spelling and reading skills are below average. Project Success has a Reading Remediation Specialist who works either individually or with small groups of students to provide systematic, multi-sensory reading/spelling instruction.

Project Success Reading Course: Success 102

Project Success offers a two credit remedial reading course every semester and interim. Students enrolled in Success 102 meet individually or in small groups with the Reading Specialist to work on practicing and enhancing reading and spelling skills throughout the semester.