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The Project Success program offers the following remedial and support services for all students enrolled in the program.

Written Expression

Many students entering the Project Success program have difficulties with English/written expression, and our program has many options designed to strengthen the writing skills of each student.

  • First-Year Writing Students 
  • Written Expression tutoring labs
  • Summer Transition Program–Written Expression

Read More about the writing lab, and additional writing resources available.

Remedial Reading and Spelling Courses

One of the goals of Project Success is to provide students with instruction and opportunities to use the phonemic sound structure of the American-English language, and to use advanced language structures they encounter in their postsecondary studies. To meet that goal, Project Success offers the following:

  • Success 102 course
  • Reading Remediation Lessons
  • Resources
  • Summer Transition Program – reading/spelling

Read more for more information about the reading remediation course and resources.

Mathematics Courses/Tutoring

Project Success offers many tutoring options to help students who are having difficulties meeting the university’s basic mathematics requirements or who are struggling with more advanced Algebra courses. We strongly suggest that students obtain tutors early in the semester before falling so far behind that catching up is impossible.

  • Math Labs
  • Individual Tutoring
  • Preparatory Mathematics- Success 99 course

Read more about the Mathematics courses and resources.

Accommodate Software

The Accessibility Center and Project Success are now utilizing the Accommodate software to easily connect with students with the resources and assistance they need in the fastest way possible and foster collaboration across campus stakeholders.ion course and resources.

Learn More about Accommodate

Organizational Tutors (OT)

New students are assigned an OT who meets with them weekly to review syllabi, organize their time, keep track of assignments and grades, obtain tutoring assistance, help navigate the University’s Titan Web scheduling system and answer questions relating to campus life. Read more about the OT course and resources.

Content Area Tutoring

Project Success’s tutoring program seldom focuses on content area tutoring. The main objective of Project Success tutors is to promote academic independence. Therefore, with the exceptions of Writing and Mathematics courses, the program does not hire course specific tutors. Rather, we hire mostly junior, senior and graduate Education majors with strong academic backgrounds to teach students reading, spelling, writing and study skills. At times, tutors do supply some content area background for students who need it, but the focus of every tutoring session is on assisting the student to learn how to study and achieve academic independence.

 For content area tutoring current UWO students are encouraged to utilize the Center for Academic Resources here

Electronic Textbooks

A note about electronic textbooks 

A note about electronic textbooks Some students may be eligible to utilize electronic textbooks as an academic accommodation. The UWO Accessibility Center oversees all electronic textbook requests through the Accommodate system. Students requesting electronic textbooks as an accommodation must provide the following materials as part of their request:

Documentation of disability that includes the need of electronic books

A receipt of the book being requested

Complete the electronic textbook request in Accommodate

The Accessibility Center will assist the student with obtaining electronic versions of the texts that can be read by programs such as Kurzweil.