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We know that the transition to college can be a difficult time for parents, as well as students. If you have specific questions about the college application process, transition to college, or Project Success in general, please contact our office via phone or email. Below are some recommended websites, videos, and books on the topic of dyslexia and language based learning disabilities:


Helpful Websites:

Informative Movies & Documentaries:

  • The Big Picture: Rethinking Dyslexia
  • Journey into Dyslexia
  • Like Stars on Earth

Recommended Books:

  • Overcoming Dyslexia by Sally Shaywitz
Do I need to apply to UW Oshkosh if I have been accepted into the Project Success Program?

Yes, you must apply to UW Oshkosh through the normal admissions process. However, it is imperative that you identify yourself as a Project Success student by writing “Project Success” in your personal statement.  Our office keeps in contact with the Admissions office on these matters. If you have questions about the UW Oshkosh admission process, please call Laurie Stevens at (920) 424-7384.

How do I register for the summer program courses?

You do not need to come to campus to register for the Project Success summer program courses.  However, you must preregister for the summer program courses.  To do so, your child will receive a summer program packet in the mail during the spring semester of their senior year and they will complete the Project Success registration contract. After the registration contract is completed and mailed back to us your child will recieve a email around April/May to their UWO email account for information on enrolling themselves into the Summer courses. 

What is the difference between a conditional admittance and a full admittance?

Students who meet all of the required high school course units for UW Oshkosh may be conditionally admitted to the university, depending on their ACT/SAT scores and/or high school grade point average. Students who receive a conditional admittance must attend and pass the 6 week summer program to become fully admitted for the fall semester. Students who receive full admittance have the option to attend the summer program but are not required to do so. Those students may begin using the Project Success services in the fall.

How can I support my student while they are away at college?

We understand that many parents have been the primary advocate and support system for their child in the educational setting, and it can be hard to make the transition to a college setting. One of the best ways that a parent can support their student during the first year of college is to show the student that he/she can be successful on their own. We recommend having students practice advocating for themselves in high school; talking to teachers, becoming actively involved in IEP meetings, and taking part in setting up campus tours and meetings are great ways to practice building independence before college begins.