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About Project Success

Focused Student Population

Project Success works only with students with language-based learning disabilities. The average profile of an incoming freshman student in the Project Success program includes difficulty in one or more of the following areas:  reading decoding and/or comprehension, mathematics, written expression and spelling. We do not work with students with visual, hearing or attention deficits unless the student also has a reading or written language disability. Therefore, we do not use staff time trying to work with a wide variety of populations and instead focus on providing the best resources and services for students with language based learning disabilities. There are other provided places on the UW Oshkosh campus where students can get assistance. If you are unsure if you are a candidate for our program please contact a Project Success staff member via phone or e-mail.

Remedial Instruction

The intent of the program is to remediate students’ language deficits. Instruction is offered in the areas of reading, spelling, mathematics and written expression to increase competence in these areas to help make students independent learners.


The Project Success program is housed in the College of Education & Human Services, not in the Dean of Students Office—Accessibility Center (generally mandated by ADA law). The Project Success staff is made up of 8 dedicated staff members, and approximately 5 student workers who are all active members of the Project Success Program. Visit our  Staff Directory to learn more about each staff member.

Array of Services

In addition to the services listed above, Project Success students receive individual subject area tutoring, ongoing remedial instruction in written language, and assignment to a case manager known as an organizational tutor who meets with the student on a weekly, or more often basis, to go over current course requirements, help with time management issues, assist in finding tutoring resources and helping advocate for the student. Students may also participate in group sessions on topics such as test taking strategies, writing skills, preparation for licensing and qualifying exams such as the GRE, PPST, and Praxis II series and career planning. Project Success also offers a peer mentoring program to help students cope with their first year of college.

Transition into College

Each summer, Project Success offers a 6-week transition program that includes college credits that count toward the university’s general education requirements. The program focuses on three areas: remediation of language-based deficits in reading and writing, and transition to college issues including self-advocacy and application of study skills in a university-required general education course.

Transition from College

All students who have earned 90 or more credits are eligible to participate in our capstone course, which focuses on the transition out of college and into the workplace. Capstone topics include preparing for job interviews, writing resumes, and cover letters with an emphasis on issues of job accommodations and disclosure of disability. Participants are also given the opportunity to be retested to update their documentation—a necessity for those going to graduate school or taking licensing examinations.