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Law and Policy Minors are required to have a minimum of 21 credits. The required courses make up 6 of the 21 credits. The remaining 15 credits are to include courses from the following list. No more than 6 credits may be taken from any one department.

Required Courses

Political Science 253: Introduction to Law (3 credits)

Political Science 315 Policy Design & Analysis OR Political Science 321 American Public Policy OR Political Science 392 Judicial Process in America (3 credits)

Anthropology Courses

Anthropology 338: The Anthropology of Law and Politics (3 credits)

Business Courses

Accounting 403: Federal Income Taxation (3 credits)
Accounting 404: Advanced Federal Income Taxation (3 credits)
Business 320: Essentials of Law for Business (3 credits)
Finance 351: Financial Planning for Individuals (3 credits)
MHR 387: Benefits Administration (1.5 credits)

Criminal Justice Courses

Criminal Justice 218: Adjudication Process in Criminal Justice (3 credits)
Criminal Justice 270: Introductory Criminal Law (3 credits)
Criminal Justice 319: Criminal Courts: Proof of Guilt (3 credits)*
Criminal Justice 328: Criminal Court Behavior (3 credits)*
Criminal Justice 331: Women and Crime (3 credits)*
Criminal Justice 347: The Juvenile Justice System (3 credits)*
Criminal Justice 348: Law of Corrections (3 credits)*


*These CJ courses have pre-requisites. In most instances if a student has prior courseowrk in law or political science, Criminal Justice Department instructors will likely waive these pre-requisites for Law & Policy minors. Students should e-mail the instructor to discuss and request instructor consent.    

Human Services Courses

Human Services 415: Legal and Ethical Aspects of Human Services (3 credits)

Journalism Courses

Journalism 412: Law of Mass Communication (3 credits)

Philosophy Courses

Philosophy 330: Business and Ethics (3 credits)

Philosophy 345: Philosophy of Law (3 credits)

Political Science Courses

Political Science 302: Civil Liberties in the United States (3 credits)
Political Science 305: Constitutional Law (3 credits)
Political Science 308: International Law (3 credits)
Political Science 315: Policy Design & Analysis (3 credits)
Political Science 316: 
Environmental Law (3 credits)
Political Science 321: American Public Policy (3 credits)*
Political Science 323: Comparative Constitutionalism Law (3 credits)
Political Science 342: Gender, Law and Policy (3 credits)
Political Science 346: Queer Politics and Policy (3 credits)
Political Science 357: Environmental Policy (3 credits)
Political Science 392: Judicial Process in America (3 credits)*

Students who complete both 321 and 392 may use one of these courses to satisfy the capstone requirement. The other may be counted as an elective from the political science department. 

Public Administration Courses

Public Administration 307: Administrative Law and Procedure (3 credits)

Radio-TV-Film Courses

Radio-TV-Film 313: Entertainment Law (3 credits)

Sociology Courses

Sociology 351: Criminology (3 credits)

Sociology 353: Juvenile Delinquency (3 credits)

Sociology 373: Sociology of Law (3 credits)

Women and Gender Courses

Women and Gender 342: Gender, Law and Policy (3 credits)