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  • See if Political Science is right for you
  • Work with professionals in your career choice
  • Apply what you have learned in your courses
  • Meet new people, build your resume and open doors to job offers


  • Political Science 396 – Internship in Government
  • Complete an internship and receive 1 to 5 credits in your junior or senior year
  • Enroll by securing an internship site, meeting with a faculty member to determine the academic component of the course, and completing the Learning Contract

We encourage all of our students to experience an internship for credit.

Finding an internship is relatively easy.  There are many agencies, candidates, and public officials who will be happy to use your labor in exchange for you gaining experience and college credit.

On our end, the internship requires just a few things.

  • First, you must put in a required number of hours.  The expectation is 56 hours per credit.  Usually internships are three credits, but you can earn up to five (5) credits depending on the number of hours.
  • Second, your professor will likely have you log your hours and activities and assign a few readings. The readings will focus on what political scientists have written on the subject area of your internship.
  • Third, there is an expectation that you will write two short papers.
    • One outlining how your internship fits into your career plans and the Political Science Department’s Learning Goals (found here: Learning Goals).
    • The other on what you have observed firsthand while completing the internship and how it relates to the readings, whether it confirms what political scientists have observed, contradicts them, or something in between.
  • There typically is no requirement to meet with the professor along the way, but we will be happy to meet if you have questions or concerns.  Remember, that your college experience is what you make of it.  Real life experience is valued and important and an internship helps you to develop that part of your qualifications and resume.


  • Interdisciplinary Studies 399 – Letters and Science Career Internship
  • Complete an internship and receive 1 to 3 credits in your junior or senior year
  • Enroll by securing an internship site and completing the Letters and Science Internship Agreement Form (Career  & Professional Development)