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Political Science Student Association (PSSA)

25872658972_b566c6118c_kThe main purpose of this student organization is to educate students in the political process through speakers, forums and social functions. It provides academic, faculty, and student support to all students, with special emphasis on political science. It encourages community and university involvement and provides for greater interaction between students and faculty members. PSSA encourages academic and social functions by sponsoring programs, speakers, debates, roundtables, and/or trips.

Membership: Open to students of all disciplines.

Advisor: Druscilla Scribner

PreLaw Society

Student Clubs–PreLaw SocietyIs law school in your future? PreLaw Society meets and hold programs to help answer questions about law schools, what is the LSAT, when to take the LSAT, and interning in law firms. It is a student group dedicated to providing information about legal careers and legal education. You’ll find some helpful resources for applying to law school, LSAT books, practice tests, and study room in Sage Hall 4642 ~ the PreLaw Student Organization Office.

Membership: Open to students of all disciplines.

Advisor: Jerry Thomas

Political Science Honor Society

Student Clubs–Political Science Honor SocietyIs the only honor society for college students of political science and government in the United States. It is open to Political Science majors who have achieved the required level of academic excellence. Once a member students are eligible for scholarships for graduate study, activity grants, attendance at conferences and much more!

Membership: Must have completed half of the 36 credit Political Science requirement; completed Political Science 101, 105, 115, 245 and upper level courses; must have a B
or better GPA in the major and a B or better cumulative GPA.

Advisor: James Krueger