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All the members of the Department of Political Science are devoted to ensuring that students have a positive, productive, and empowering experience in their time with us.  To that end, we encourage students to seek the advice of faculty members and the Administrative Assistant early and often.  

Professors are available for advising sessions during office hours or at other times by appointment. Your advisor name is on TitanWeb and on your advisement report.  We also have a group advising session in the first month of each semester. Watch your email for an invitation to meet all of our faculty for advising and enjoy pizza at this event. 

There are three main divisions of Political Science:  American Politics, Comparative and International Relations and Political Theory. Majors must take an introductory and a 300 level course in each of the three areas. Majors must also take Political Methodology (PS 245) | course taught only in Spring semesters; after they have completed their introductory courses and our Senior Capstone course (PS 401) | course taught only in Fall semesters; in their last year. The remaining 12 credits may be completed by taking upper level electives in the Political Science subgroups.    

Contact Email:

Phone: (920) 424-3456

Office: Sage Hall 3003

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