The University of Wisconsin Oshkosh
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Winter Weather Class Cancellation Policy and Procedures (GEN 4.B.20)

GEN 4.B.20. Winter Weather Policy and Procedures.

(1) Extreme winter weather conditions occasionally restrict the ability of the University’s faculty, staff and students to travel. However, it is the University’s policy to remain open whenever possible despite these extreme conditions. Only in the most extraordinary conditions will a decision be made to cancel or suspend classes. In those relatively rare instances in which classes are cancelled, the University remains open and essential services are provided.

University Police in conjunction with the Facilities and Grounds crew responsible for snow removal and addressing ice conditions have the ongoing responsibility to continuously monitor winter weather conditions. These individuals are also assigned the responsibility to provide information and recommendations to the administration on current and projected winter weather conditions.

(2) As road conditions can vary widely within communities and across the broad expanse of the University’s service region, all members of the University community—faculty, staff, students, guests, etc.—are expected to use and exercise good judgment in making the decision whether conditions pose a problem in traveling to campus. Faculty and instructional academic staff who are unable to meet an assigned class, should make appropriate arrangements with the department chair or with other colleagues to meet all scheduled classes. Students experiencing weather-related transportation difficulties should attempt to make contact with their course instructors before the class is scheduled to meet. Students who exercise sound judgment and decide not to travel to a class(es) should not be penalized for their absence. Faculty and instructional academic staff are encouraged to discuss this policy with students and to outline any specific or particular arrangements that pertain to a given course. Through the University’s automated Weather Line (920-424-0000), the University provides immediate access to information concerning any cancellations or suspensions. When classes are cancelled the University notifies regional radio and television stations. When classes are cancelled, the University shall also send an e-mail notice to all employees and, if possible in a timely way, post an announcement on this condition on the University’s homepage.

(3) When calling the Weather Line, please note that unless a specific time-dated message is recorded, all classes at the main campus will be held as scheduled. Programs with significant off-campus course offerings (Head Start,College of Business,College of Nursing,College of Education and Human Services, Center for New Learning and Continuing Education) have their own notification procedures for any weather-related adjustments.

(4) When classes are cancelled, the University remains open and all non-teaching staff is expected to report to work. Individuals experiencing weather-related transportation problems should contact their immediate supervisors or directors. Employees who miss work due to weather or who leave early due to weather conditions have the following options:

(a) To make up the missed work during the week of absence, as arranged with their supervisor;

(b) To use accumulated leave time (whether vacations, floating holidays or compensatory time); or

(c) To use leave without pay.

(5) Decisions to cancel or suspend classes are made by the Chancellor, or in the Chancellor’s absence, in order, by the Provost, by the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs, or by the Vice Chancellor for Administrative Services.