GEN 3.B.18.A. Use of University Facilities.

UWS 21 {Use of University Facilities} of the Wisconsin Administrative Code, Rules of the Board of Regents.

GEN 3.B.18.B. Use of University Facilities for Purposes Other Than Carrying Out University Responsibilities.

Definition: University facilities shall include all land, buildings, property, vehicles, equipment, material and supplies owned by, assigned to, or under the jurisdiction of the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh.

(1) Use of University facilities for personal purposes: University facilities, equipment and supplies shall not ordinarily be used by the faculty for purposes other than carrying out University responsibilities. If for any reason an employee deems it essential to use such facilities for personal activities, appropriate arrangements shall be made with University authorities (chairperson, Dean, Provost and Vice Chancellor, Chancellor or appropriate administrative office).

(2) Use of University facilities for commercial purposes: University facilities shall not be used by employees for outside activities of a commercial character without previous arrangements with the appropriate University authorities (chairperson, Dean, Provost and Vice Chancellor, or Chancellor). Anyone who serves as advisor or consultant, or in any other capacity, with a public or private agency for additional compensation may use University facilities for such activity only with advance authorization from the Dean or Chancellor; for occasional and non‑consumptive use of equipment (e.g., microscopes), authorization may be granted by the appropriate department chairperson.

If a part of an employee’s workload has been transferred to another state agency, pursuant to Section 230.047 and Section 20.901, Wis. Stats., and the employee’s assignment with this agency requires use of University facilities, the employee must request of the Dean or Chancellor, in advance of his/her assignment, permission to use University facilities.