GEN 3.B.5. Religious Observances Awareness Statement

The University of Wisconsin Oshkosh, complying with Title VII of the 1964 Civil Rights Act, and in accordance with its commitment to diversity in employment, supports awareness of its employees’ religious observances. Employees represent many different religions, and the University seeks to be sensitive to individual needs by balancing work requirements and the private exercise of religious beliefs.

If an employee would like time off for a religious observance, the employee must consult with his or her supervisor. For employees who accrue leave, the time off would be taken from the employee’s accrued leave or it could be taken without pay. Employees who do not accrue leave would need to make appropriate arrangements within their department/unit concerning the time used. The University will respect the sincerely held religious beliefs of employees and grant the requested time off, unless an accommodation would result in undue hardship for the unit involved. If resolution to a request for time off cannot be achieved at the supervisory level, the Office of Equity and Affirmative Action may be consulted for advice.

Additionally, efforts should be made to take into account religious holy days and observances when scheduling meetings and other University events, with the understanding that conflicts with such holy days and observances could be unavoidable given the scheduling needs of the University.