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Polk Library Bylaws (GOV 5.5)

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GOV 5.5. Polk Library Bylaws.
The purpose of these bylaws is to establish policy and procedures to ensure the Faculty participation in faculty matters.

ARTICLE I. Membership.

Membership in the Unit is defined in the Faculty Constitution, Article I, Section 1, and Article VIII, Section 3.

ARTICLE II. Rights and Responsibilities of Members.

Section 1. Rights and Responsibilities.

Faculty have the rights and responsibilities defined in Article VIII, Section 4, of the Faculty Constitution.

Section 2. Voting.

A quorum consists of the majority of the Faculty eligible to vote. A majority vote is defined to be more than half of those voting. The decisions of the majority of voting members at a meeting shall be the decisions of the Unit.

Section 3. Faculty Meetings.

The sources of parliamentary rules governing the Faculty are described in Article X of the Faculty Constitution.

1. Regular meetings will be held during the academic year and there will be a minimum of two meetings per semester. In addition, the Chair will call a special meeting when an issue arises that cannot wait for a regular meeting or when it is requested by at least 2 members of the Faculty.

2. At least two-thirds of the Faculty must be present at a meeting that calls for a decision on any issue. Each such issue will be decided by a simple majority of the members present except where a different vote is required in these bylaws, the Faculty Constitution, or the current parliamentary authority.

3. The agenda shall be decided by the Chair and distributed to all Faculty at least 2 working days in advance of the meeting. Agenda items may be submitted by any member for inclusion on the agenda. The agenda may be modified or amended by action at a meeting.


Section 1. Chair.

The responsibilities of the Chair are defined in Article VIII, Section 5, of the Faculty Constitution.

Selection of Chair
The procedure for selection of the Chair is described in Article VIII, Section 6, of the Faculty Constitution. If the office becomes vacant, a replacement will be selected according to the procedure in Article VIII, Section 6, of the Faculty Constitution.

Recall of Chair
The procedure for removal of a Chair is described in Article VIII, Section 6, of the Faculty Constitution.

ARTICLE IV. Committees.

Section 1. Personnel Committee.

The Personnel Committee consists of all Faculty of the Unit. Decisions are made by a majority vote. The duties of this Committee shall be to make all decisions on renewal/nonrenewal/tenure, promotion, peer evaluation and post-tenure review. Such decisions require that evaluation be made in the area of librarianship, professional and scholarly growth, and service and are based on Section IV: LLR Renewal/Tenure/Promotion Guidelines in the LLR Faculty Handbook. Peer evaluation shall be done on a biennial basis and the results used for merit pay recommendations and post-tenure review. There is no form or special format required. Recommendations shall be forwarded to the Assistant Vice Chancellor for Information Technology. Subcommittees may be appointed for specific responsibilities, for example, tenured faculty for renewal/non-renewal/tenure decisions. The Chair shall be responsible for providing all appropriate forms to each individual. It shall be the responsibility of the individual seeking renewal/tenure to submit a complete file of evidence. It shall be the responsibility of the individual seeking promotion to initiate the procedure and to submit a complete file.

Section 2. Collection Development Committee.

All members shall serve on the Collection Development Committee and have responsibilities for specific academic departments as assigned. The faculty will elect a chair and forward the recommendation to the Assistant Vice Chancellor for Information Technology.

Section 3. Ad Hoc Committee.

Ad hoc committees serve at the pleasure of the Faculty and are appointed as needed; for example, a bylaws review committee.

ARTICLE V. Amendments, Rules, Ratification

Section 1. Amendments.

These Bylaws may be amended at any time by a two-thirds majority vote of eligible voters. Proposed amendments will be discussed at a faculty meeting and then voted on at a meeting scheduled within two weeks.

Section 2. Rules.

The most current edition of Sturgis’ Standard Code of Parliamentary Procedure will determine conduct and proceedings unless overridden by statute, UW System or UW Oshkosh rules, or these Bylaws.

Section 3. Ratification.

These Bylaws shall be considered ratified and shall become effective when they have been approved by a two-thirds majority of eligible voters and have been accepted by the Faculty Senate.