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Faculty Recruitment (FAC 2)

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FAC 2.0. Incorporation of College Personnel Materials.

Please note that substantive requirements relating to faculty appointment, renewal, tenure, promotion, and merit may be found in materials developed at the college or department level. College-specific information has been included as an appendix to this material.

FAC 2.1. UWS 3.02 {Faculty Appointments} of the Wisconsin Administrative Code, Rules of the Board of Regents.

View UWS 3.02 of the Wisconsin Administrative Code []

FAC 2.2. Announcements.

Identification of open faculty positions shall be made in accordance with published University policies. When it is determined that a faculty position is open, a position description will be prepared by the originating department or unit (on forms supplied by the Provost and Vice Chancellor’s Office) and forwarded via all levels to the Vice Chancellor for approval. The Provost and Vice Chancellor’s Office will then obtain all necessary clearances and assist in advertising.

(1) To help ensure that the position description will reach appropriate professional organizations, minority groups and women, each department or unit is expected to advertise independently of the services provided through the Provost and Vice Chancellor’s Office. Department or unit advertising must be consistent with university policy and with a department or unit affirmative action recruitment plan which has been approved by the University’s Director of Equity and Affirmative Action.

(2) The University’s Director of Equity and Affirmative Action is available for consultation and to provide additional assistance to ensure that departments and units are in compliance with local, state and federal affirmative action rules and regulations as well as the University’s affirmative action plan.

(3) Each department or unit recruiting for a position will have the responsibility of identifying and interviewing candidates. Appropriate appointment forms shall be completed by the originating department or unit and forwarded through each supervisor to the Provost and Vice Chancellor’s Office for processing. The originating department or unit, in consultation with the dean or equivalent, will be responsible for recommending to the Provost and Vice Chancellor the terms of the contract, including type of appointment, salary, rank, and prior years of experience to be credited. This information should be consistent with the position as advertised. Final approval of the contract and terms rests with the Provost and Vice Chancellor.

FAC 2.3. Faculty Staffing Flexibility.

Whenever possible, instruction at theUniversityofWisconsin Oshkoshwill be provided by tenured faculty or tenure-track faculty. While reaffirming our commitment to the policy of awarding tenure without quotas, we also recognize the need to preserve staffing flexibility. This policy expressly recognizes the need for some instructional academic staff appointments and the vital role instructional academic staff play at theUniversityofWisconsin Oshkosh.

(1) Academic departments, in consultation with the academic deans and Provost and Vice Chancellor, are responsible for recruiting instructional tenure-track faculty and instructional academic staff.

(2) Instructional appointments shall generally be made to tenure-track faculty positions.

(3) In recognition of the need to provide staffing flexibility, the Dean and Provost and Vice Chancellor should — if provided with a compelling rationale by a department — permit vacancies to be filled by instructional academic staff.

(4) Ordinarily, instructional academic staff may not serve more than five consecutive years in a full-time appointment. At the end of five years, the department may recommend to the Dean and Provost and Vice Chancellor a continuing appointment on the following conditions: (a) the individual has demonstrated teaching excellence; (b) an equally qualified tenure-track faculty member cannot be hired to fill the position; (c) there is a demonstrable pedagogical or educational reason for the continuing appointment; and (d) the individual has been considered for conversion to a faculty status, but the conversion is inappropriate based on the individual’s credentials or unworkable in light of tenure density.

(5) All personnel processes relating to the performance assessment, evaluation, merit review, or contract renewal for instructional academic staff will take into account that there are different expectations regarding faculty and instructional academic staff performance and duties.

(6) Repeated academic staff appointments will not confer tenure or indefinite contract status to individuals reappointed to terminal contracts.