The University of Wisconsin Oshkosh
Policy # [####]
Faculty Personnel Records (FAC 1.B.6)

The Provost and Vice Chancellor’s Office shall establish and maintain individual faculty personnel files. Separate files shall be created for each individual and these files may be further subdivided into more than one file folder as necessary and appropriate for the orderly and efficient retention of these records.

(1)   The Provost and Vice Chancellor shall designate one file as the official permanent personnel file. The permanent personnel file shall, at a minimum, contain the following items:

(a)   Credentials and supporting materials (including the letters of reference) submitted at the time of initial appointment.

(b)   Correspondence relating to renewal and tenure (including the letters of appointment and correspondence relating to dates of employment and compensation)

(c)   Items pertaining to changes in status, medical leaves, leaves of absence or sabbatical leaves.

(d)   Items pertaining to University awards or recognitions.

(e)   Personnel transaction forms.

(f)    Items pertaining to formal disciplinary action.

(2)   The Provost and Vice Chancellor may establish other individually identifiable files that include information such as the following:

(a)   Renewal and tenure forms (and any supporting credentials)

(b)   Promotion forms.

(c)   Other forms and miscellaneous materials relating to the evaluation of performance (including information submitted in support of merit salary increases or other adjustments in compensation)

(3)   As the custodian of all personnel records, the Provost and Vice Chancellor shall establish a records retention policy that is consistent with all applicable laws and regulations. Additionally, the provisions of this rule should be read in conjunction with section 103.13 of the Wisconsin Statutes.

(a)   Consistent with sections 103.13 (2) and (3) of the Wisconsin Statutes, the Provost and Vice Chancellor shall, upon request, provide timely access to all personnel records and materials.

(b)   Items exempt from disclosure are set forth in section 103.13 (6) of the Wisconsin Statues.

(c)   As provided in section 103.13 (7) of the Wisconsin Statutes, the employee may copy or receive a copy of any records. The Provost and Vice Chancellor may charge a reasonable fee not to exceed the actual cost of reproduction.

(d)   Consistent with sections 103.13 (4) of the Wisconsin Statutes, an employee may request that specific items be removed or corrected. If any agreement is not reached with the Provost and Vice Chancellor, the employee member may submit a written statement to be attached to the disputed portion of the personnel record.