GEN 2.9. Faculty Internal Salary Equity Process.

Faculty Senate: Adopted February 16, 2016

Faculty Senate: Approved May 14, 2013

Rev 9-25-13 Provost’s Administrative Staff: Approved July 23, 2013

Chancellor: Approved September 30, 2013


This process is designed to address external salary inequities that have resulted from forces outside of Individual faculty member’s performance and the university’s merit process.

(1) Funding and frequency for the process as determined by the Chancellor, recommend to occur at least every three years.

(2) Calculation of inequity and distribution of funds is to follow the process described in the Salary Equity Process Technical Document.

The quantitative process described in the Technical Document will be administered by the Faculty Salary Equity Technical Committee (FSETC) with the assistance of the Human Resources or the Office of Institutional Research. FSETC will be made up of two (2) or three (3) faculty members. The FSETC members will be appointed by the Faculty Senate Executive Committee, and must have advanced skills in regression analysis.

The outcome of the regression analysis conducted by FSETC for each faculty member will be passed along to the Provost, Director of Human Resources, and the Dean of each academic college. College Deans may have additional information about an individual faculty member’s deservedness, so a dean may alter the equity adjustment by at most 5% of the equity adjustment determined for each individual by the regressions, and that the total amount allocated to their college for the purposes of faculty equity adjustments must be spent on faculty salary equity adjustments within their college. Administration shall have no ability to adjust awards beyond this level of recommendation.