GEN 3.B.9. Travel Regulations.

Permission for unclassified employees to travel as representatives of the University comes from the Chancellor, Provost and Vice Chancellor, Vice Chancellors, Associate Vice Chancellor, Assistant Vice Chancellors or Deans. For departmental members, the recommendation of the department is also needed.

When a faculty or academic staff member receives permission for travel under an expense account, reimbursement will be made for expenses incurred, subject to limitations imposed by the approving units and state regulations. For transportation, the University utilizes, whenever possible, its own vehicles. Requests for reservations are made with Facilities Management as far in advance as possible. The reservations will need to include the date, departure time, returning time, destination, and passenger list. It is extremely important that the vehicle be returned at the time indicated in the reservation, and that keys and reports be returned in accordance with the instructions of the dispatcher.

The faculty or academic staff member signing out a University vehicle assumes responsibility for the observance of all legal regulations in the operation of the University vehicle. The driver is covered by University liability insurance. Additional information regarding insurance coverage, driver authorization regulations, etc., is available through the Office of Facilities Management. The faculty or academic staff member signing out a University vehicle assumes responsibility for the conduct of any students involved in the trip.

If the faculty or academic staff member uses a non‑state car on official state business, the primary insurance coverage is supplied by the owner/operator of the vehicle. The state has excess liability coverage in situations where liability actions exceed owner/operator coverage. More complete information may be obtained from the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh Risk Management Office.

When a trip is completed, the faculty or academic staff member files an accounting of all approved expenditures with the Controller’s Office through the department office. Forms may be obtained from the Department Chairperson or equivalent. The Travel Expense Report form may also be found by going to the campus home page, clicking on Index and going to Financial System Forms. When the Travel Expense Report Form is filed, receipts for all motel and transportation expenses in excess of $25.00 must be attached, along with meal expense receipts that exceed the guidelines as established by state regulations with a justification for going over the allowed maximum. It is requested that all expenses be filed promptly. Failure to file within 30 days will result in an extended delay in processing.

The Travel Regulations, along with other helpful travel information, may be accessed at: