GEN 3.B.4. Holidays.

The State of Wisconsin observes nine paid holidays in addition to vacation. (s.230.35(4)(a))

(1) January 1

(2) Third Monday in January

(3) Last Monday in May

(4) July 4

(5) First Monday in September

(6) Fourth Thursday in November

(7) December 24

(8) December 25

(9) December 31

If January 1, July 4, or December 25 falls on Sunday, the holiday will be observed on Monday. If a holiday falls on Saturday, the employee may use the holiday anytime after that date in the same calendar year, with the approval of the immediate supervisor.

On other legal and religious holidays the University remains open. However, the University is obligated to accommodate any employee who requests vacation or personal holiday time off for religious reasons. Employees may not be ordered to work if they advise a supervisor that religious beliefs require them to refrain from work on a specific day.

Personal Holidays: Faculty, Academic Staff and Limited Appointments with an annual pay basis receive four and one-half days of Personal Holiday each fiscal year. Staff whose appointments are less than full time receive a proration of the entitlement. The four and one-half days are granted on July 1 or the employee’s date of hire and expire at the end of that fiscal year. Personal holidays not used prior to resignation or retirement may be converted to cash payment at that time.