GEN 3.B.11. Faculty Absences From Regular Duties.

This section does not pertain to paid or unpaid leaves of absence, which are subject to rules and policies of the Board of Regents. It is the responsibility of every member of the faculty, as a professional and legal obligation, to meet his/her classes.

Should a faculty member need to be absent from his/her duties for reasons within the individual’s control, prior permission must be obtained from the immediate supervisor (chairperson/director), and the faculty member will make arrangements appropriate to the needs of his/her students. Decisions of the supervisor may be appealed to the Dean. When an absence is necessary for reasons beyond the individual’s control (e.g. sudden illness), the immediate supervisor will be informed of the absence as early as possible and of the reason for the absence.

If an absence under the provisions of this section is one of a continuing nature, the faculty member shall discuss with his/her Dean/director (with the knowledge of the department chairperson or equivalent) whether the absences are in the best interest of the University and the State of Wisconsin. If permission to continue absences is not granted by the Dean, the faculty member and the Dean should discuss whether a leave of mutual consent would be in order. The faculty member may appeal the Dean’s decision through subsequent levels of authority to the level of the Chancellor.