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Facility Naming Policy (GEN 1.6.(4).)

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GEN 1.6.(4). Facility Naming Policy.

Approved Faculty Senate: April 14, 2009

Approved Senate of Academic Staff: April 16, 2009

Approved Oshkosh Student Association: April 14, 2009

Reviewed U-Plan Council: April 6, 2009

Approved Chancellor Wells: May 24, 2009


UW Oshkosh considers the naming of a physical location on campus in honor of a living or deceased individual, corporation, foundation, or organization to be one of the highest distinctions that it can bestow. In light of the importance and magnitude of this honor, UW Oshkosh has established the following guidelines.

Naming procedures at UW Oshkosh are designed to acknowledge personal achievements and/or the intellectual, financial, service or other contributions made to the University.


Anyone (UW Oshkosh faculty, staff, alumni, student, or community member) may petition the Chancellor to have a physical location on campus named. Such a location may be a building, location within a building, etc. Following is the process that will be used to review naming requests.

1. Proposal submitted to Chancellor to name a specific space.
2. The Chancellor reviews to determine if it appears appropriate.
3. The Chancellor sends the request to the Vice Chancellor responsible for the space to obtain confidential input from the leadership of the unit most closely attached to the structure/space about naming it. The request must remain confidential so only the leadership is involved in providing input on the request.
4. The relevant Vice Chancellor reviews the feedback from the leaders of the affected units and submits a recommendation to the Chancellor.
5. Chancellor shares the request and the recommendation with U-Plan.
6. U-Plan makes a recommendation.
7. Based on input from the relevant constituencies the Chancellor makes a decision to accept or reject the request.

In the case of naming opportunities associated with fundraising campaigns, Chancellor’s Staff must “pre-approve” naming at certain giving levels consistent with opportunities previously offered on campus. These naming opportunities are shared with the units affected and U-Plan. The results of the fundraising campaign, and the naming opportunities chosen, should be reported back to the Chancellor’s Staff in a timely fashion.

A depository of naming recommendations and approvals will be maintained in the Chancellor’s Office.


If the naming request involves a living individual who has been formally associated with the University of Wisconsin System, or has held a paid public office, a waiting period is required unless a situation is presented where a gift stipulates the naming. Normally, at least five years must have elapsed from the time a person who has been formally associated with the University of Wisconsin System, or has held a paid public office, has terminated that association, or left the paid public office.

Naming of buildings requires approval by the Board of Regents. The Chancellor is authorized to name facilities when the naming involves less than an entire building, such as rooms, wings, or exterior amenities. This authorization is subject to the same limitations regarding waiting periods as those pertaining to entire buildings.

Requests that small spaces, such as rooms, suites and labs, be named for members of the faculty or staff after their retirement, may be entertained, waiving the restriction of waiting five years after death.

Donor-Based Names:

The generosity of friends and donors enables the university to fund the construction of facilities that it might not have been able to build otherwise. In the case of naming opportunities as a result of a fundraising campaign, the naming is considered official once a gift is received at the appropriate level (as verified by the Foundation President and approved by the Chancellor and Board of Regents, if their approval is required).

Naming Persistence: Certain circumstances may trigger reconsideration of previous naming decisions including, but not limited to, failure to follow through on a financial commitment, failure to maintain the high standards of the university or an event that causes the university extraordinary embarrassment or disrepute, the physical space is significantly changed. Chancellor’s Staff reserves full rights to reconsider any and all naming decisions using the above process.

Approved names for facilities will not remain in effect beyond the useful life of the building.