The University of Wisconsin Oshkosh
Policy # [####]
Course Syllabi Policy (GEN 4.B.8)

The Faculty Senate recommends that faculty, as part of their professional obligation as teachers, provide students with a written syllabus within the first two class sessions of the course. A basic syllabus might include the following:

(1) Basic course information.

(a) title, number and section(s)

(b) place, time, and days of meeting

(c) instructor’s name, office location, and office phone number

(d) instructor’s office hours and location

(e) required text(s) and/or other materials

(2) Course expectations.

(a) number, types, and proposed/approximate dates of examinations

(b) quiz policy (if any)

(c) make-up policies

(d) reading assignments and topics covered

(e) special reports, papers, group projects, etc., and completion dates

(f) attendance policy

(3) Grading criteria.

(a) relative weight of each examination, quiz, paper, report, etc.

(b) role of attendance and class participation in determination of final grade

(c) grading scale

(d) how final grade is determined

(e) the plagiarism policy

(4) Clinical and field experiences.