The University of Wisconsin Oshkosh
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Class Attendance Policy (GEN 4.B.5)

GEN 4.B.5. Class Attendance Policy.

While attendance and punctuality are under the control of each instructor, students are expected to be present for each scheduled class session.

(1) Students are directly responsible to each of their instructors for attendance in each regularly scheduled class.

(2) Instructors may initiate their own policy regarding attendance; if an instructor teaches more than one section of a course, the same policy should be used for all sections.

(3) Instructors are expected to announce their attendance policy to each class, but it is the responsibility of the student to know the policies of the instructor.

(4) Students are excused from class for participation in all-University events [GEN 4.B.10 (1)(b)] and for circumstances beyond the students’ control including, but not limited to medical or family emergencies (medical care for pregnancy, illness, child care issues, death or serious health problem of family member), court appearance, required military service not to exceed two (2) weeks unless special permission is granted by the instructor or chair, jury duty, etc. Students are responsible for notifying the instructor for circumstances less than two (2) weeks as far in advance as possible and may not be penalized for such absences as long as appropriate documentation is provided in a timely fashion to the instructor to verify the reason for the absence. The instructor is responsible for providing reasonable accommodation or opportunities to make up course obligations that have an impact on the course grade.

Instructors may choose not to request documentation for such absences. If they do request it, appropriate documentation includes such things as signed, stamped, initialed, etc., documentation from a health care provider stating the student or family member was under his/her care, originals or copies of a funeral program or obituary, etc. Students may not be required to provide documentation describing the nature of the student’s or family member’s medical condition.

Documentation shall be considered timely if provided within 14 days of the absence, unless circumstances beyond the student’s control prevent her/him from providing the information within the required period.

Requests for documentation should be restricted to information that can be readily obtained and is not unacceptably intrusive. It is expected that reasonable requests to make up exams and assignments will be accommodated.

(5) If students must be absent to participate in a group activity sponsored by the University and approved by the Provost and Vice Chancellor, the group’s faculty advisor or the instructor in charge should provide a signed excuse at the request of a participating student.

(6) A Dean may recommend to the instructor that a student who incurs an absence for personal reasons be excused.

(7) A University physician may, at his/her discretion, recommend to the instructor that a student who incurs an absence for health reasons be excused.

(8) In all cases of absence, excused or otherwise, the student is responsible for completing missed work. The instructor is not required to do extra teaching unless so assigned.

(9) Students may only attend courses/sections for which they are registered.