The University of Wisconsin Oshkosh
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Class Absence Notification Policy (GEN 4.B.9)

GEN 4.B.9. Emergencies, Class Absences Notification Procedures.

(1) Emergencies.

The Dean of Students Office serves as the contact point in student emergencies with students and family members.

Contact the Dean of Students Office if an emergency occurs and a student needs to be notified through his/her class. Examples of emergencies include a child who is ill, death in the family, life-threatening situations, childbirth, serious accident involving a family member, and personal support or backup for a student who has attempted suicide. The following are examples of situations not considered emergencies requiring notification by the Dean of Students Office: notification of doctor’s appointments, employer attempting to contact an employee, general message to students.

(2) Non-Emergencies.

In non-emergency situations students are expected to make arrangements for contact when necessary. This could include providing a copy of class schedule, telephone numbers, etc., to family, friends, employers, and/or school officials.

(3) Absences.

If a student will be absent from class for emergencies, medical reasons or exceptional personal reasons, he/she is responsible, if capable of doing so, for contacting professors individually or through their departments. If the student, family member or friend are not able to contact professors or the student will be absent more than three (3) class days, the Dean of Students Office may be asked to send notifications of the absence as reported to staff. The Dean of Students Office does not verify this information.