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Academic Staff Initial Hiring (ACS 3 and ACS 4)

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ACS 3.0. Recruitment of Academic Staff.

When it is determined that an academic staff position is open, the hiring unit shall seek permission to recruit through the regular lines of reportage.

ACS 3.1.

The hiring unit shall develop the following materials:

(1) a detailed position description;

(2) a proposed title for the position (using, if appropriate, the University of Wisconsin System position questionnaire);

(3) the proposed salary range;

(4) the type of academic staff appointment; and

(5) the proposed recruitment plan for filling this vacancy.

ACS 3.2.

The review and approval of all materials submitted by the hiring unit prior to authorizing the initiation of the search or the posting of the position announcement shall be conducted, as follows: (1) for instructional academic staff positions, by the Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs and the Director of Equity and Affirmative Action; (2) for all other academic staff positions, by the Director of Human Resources and the Director of Equity and Affirmative Action.

ACS 3.3.

Each unit recruiting for a position will have the responsibility to identify and interview candidates following the search and screen procedures in Gov. 6.4. Appointment forms shall be completed by the originating unit and flow through each supervisor to either the Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs (or designee) or the Vice Chancellor for Administrative Services(or designee), as appropriate, for processing. The originating unit is responsible to recommend the candidate and items in the contract such as the length of time during the initial fixed-term when the individual is subject to dismissal, salary, title, and length of appointment. This information should be consistent with the position as advertised. While the Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs (for instructional academic staff positions) and Director of Human Resources (for all other academic staff positions) are responsible for the review and preparation of the contracts and letters of appointment, the final approval of the contract and its terms rests with the Chancellor or designee.

ACS 3.4.

In order to respond to demonstrated market forces, the immediate supervisor of an academic staff position may request that the person be hired under a two-year initial appointment. These requests shall be subject to careful review and scrutiny by all levels of review. The Chancellor or designee shall make the final decision whether to issue an initial two-year appointment.

ACS 4.0. Letter of Initial Appointment.

Conditions of the appointment shall be specified in a letter of appointment signed by the Chancellor or designee or (1) for instructional academic staff appointments, by the Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs (or Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs), or (2) for non-instructional academic staff appointments, by the Vice Chancellor for Administrative Services (or Director of Human Resources). All letters of appointment shall include detailed terms and conditions of appointment as follows [as required by UWS 10.02(2)]:

(1) Title and type of appointment;

(2) Duration of appointment

In order to place the academic staff member’s renewal date into the established review cycle, the initial contract offered to mid-year hires may be for either (a) the period through the end of the academic year or June 30th, i.e., less than 12 months in length, or (b) through the end of the second academic year, or June 30th, i.e., greater than 12 months in length;

(3) Salary;

(4) Definition of operational area;

(5) A general description of the duties and responsibilities of the position;

(6) Statement of the need for approval by Board of Regents (if required);

(7) An invitation to the next scheduled orientation (See ACS 4.1); and

(8) A copy of the academic staff personnel rules or the citation to the rules in electronic form through the University’s website.

ACS 4.1. Orientation

The hiring unit has the primary responsibility to provide an orientation to campus for newly-hired Academic Staff. The Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs and Director of Human Resources shall help develop a program or materials that addresses a variety of topics including an explanation of employment-related benefits, academic staff personnel rules and information on the Academic Staff mentoring program. Additionally, these offices may periodically provide group orientation to newly hired employees.