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Academic Staff Contract Renewal (ACS 7)

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ACS 7.1 Contract Renewal.

Academic staff holding terminal contracts are not subject to renewal and nonrenewal. Those academic staff on renewable contracts shall be reviewed and recommendations made for Renewal/Nonrenewal. Those on rolling horizon contracts have an automatic extension of their contracts’ ending date without the necessity of going through the contract renewal process.

Renewal/nonrenewal decisions (with the exception of academic staff in their second year of employment as noted below) will be made in conjunction with the annual evaluation process and will use the same form and same time schedule. As each administrative level reviews an evaluation, it will determine whether renewal should be recommended or not. The Chancellor or designee has final authority on all renewal decisions.

ACS 7.2. Renewal Schedule

The renewal schedule by contract year is set forth in the chart that follows:


Contract Year 


Decision from Chancellor (or designee) 


Evaluation Period 


Notice Period 


Year 1 



March 1 



Normally done with usual Dec/Jan evaluations 


Renewed to second year or entitled to three months notice if not renewed. 


Year 2* 



Dec 1 


Performed early in the fall 


Renewed to third year or fourth year or entitled to six months notice if not renewed. 


Year 2* 



May 15 



Normally done with usual Dec/Jan evaluations 


Renewed to fourth year or entitled to one year’s notice if not renewed in third and subsequent years. 


Year 3 and beyond 



May 15 


Normally done with usual Dec/Jan evaluations 



Renewed to fifth year and beyond or entitled to one year’s notice if not renewed in third and subsequent years. 

*Notes for Year 2: Renewal happens twice during the second year in order to get the individual into the regular one-year notice period. This is three months notice during the first year, six months during the second year, and one year’s notice beyond that. The only way to get the one-year notice is to have two renewals during the second year of employment. It is also possible to be renewed to the fourth year, in which case the second year 2 review is unnecessary. See ACS 2.1(2).

ACS 7.3. Notice Provisions.

(1) Notice of Pending Renewal Decision. Each academic staff member to be acted on for renewal/nonrenewal should be given written notice at least ten calendar days prior to the date the initial recommendation on renewal/nonrenewal will take place. In the same letter the academic staff member will be informed he/she may submit materials he/she feels are germane to the review. Additions may be made up until five calendar days before the initial recommendation of renewal/nonrenewal is to be made. It shall be the immediate supervisor’s responsibility to provide such notice.

(2) Notice of Renewal Decision. Each supervisor or committee participating in the renewal/nonrenewal process shall inform the academic staff member in writing within 20 calendar days of each recommendation. Such letters are limited to informing the academic staff members of recommendations pertaining to renewal or nonrenewal.

ACS 7.4, Leaves of Absence. (Review of this section by UW System is pending – Fall 2009.)

A leave of absence generally includes the following types: leave without pay, professional development semester, externally funded, and extended sick leave, which includes family, medical, domestic partner, and/or other approved leaves. University approved leaves may include circumstances beyond those covered under the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA). Leaves must be approved at the department or unit level, college or division, and Vice Chancellor levels. Leaves without pay are approved for a time period of up to one year and may be extended to a maximum of two years. Leaves beyond two years may be negotiated. A leave of absence outside of FMLA is contingent upon affirmative recommendation or reappointment for the year in which the leave is requested.

The renewal clock automatically stops and the contract is automatically extended for continuing academic staff on leave and the person does not go through the renewal process while on leave. When the continuing academic staff member returns, he or she shall consult with either the Office of the Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs (for instructional academic staff positions) or the Director of Human Resources (for all other academic staff positions)to determine the appropriate renewal cycle and terms of appointment consistent with the Academic Staff Personnel Policies. Upon return, the term of appointment will extend for the same number of years (one or two) beyond the leave period as had been approved prior to the leave. Each year of approved leave will extend the total term of appointment by one year.

ACS 7.5. Split Assignments.

If the academic staff member has a split assignment, the unit in which the assignment is greatest shall have responsibility for initiating the evaluation and renewal action. All other supervisors shall be afforded an opportunity to append comments or recommendations to that paperwork, before it is sent to the next level of review.

For appointments involving individuals with split appointments in instructional academic staff areas, the Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs will decide which unit shall originate the recommendation; for all other academic staff with split appointments, the decision will be made by the Director of Human Resources after consultation with the appropriate Vice Chancellors.

ACS 7.6. Notice of Renewal.

Renewal letters from the Chancellor or designee shall indicate the type and duration of the appointment.

ACS 7.7. Notice of Nonrenewal.

Individuals holding a renewable fixed-term academic staff appointment shall be given advance notice in writing of nonrenewal. Nonrenewal is not a dismissal under UWS 11. See Chapter 8 for more information.