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Academic Staff Changes in Appointment (ACS 5)

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ACS 5.0. Changes in Assignment.

Significant changes in conditions of the appointment shall be specified in writing by the supervisor at least 14 calendar days before the change. At the time that a significant change in assignment is under review, such considerations as change in title, change in compensation, and other related issues shall also be reviewed in accordance with any applicable campus or system rules and policies.

ACS 5.1. Transfers.

The Chancellor or designee may authorize various types of transfer of academic staff members, including transfers within an operational area or to different operational areas. If a transfer has been authorized, the academic staff member shall be informed by the supervisor. Academic staff on fixed-term appointments who are transferred to a different operational area at University of Wisconsin Oshkosh must serve a minimum of two years in the new position before any longer term appointments, as provided for in these rules, can be made by the new area. Time served in the previous position shall count toward longer term appointments at University of Wisconsin Oshkosh.

ACS 5.2. Conversions Between Classified Staff and Academic Staff.

(1) Academic staff positions can be converted to classified staff positions, and classified staff positions can be converted to academic staff positions. According to provision No. 4, UW System Unclassified Personnel Guidelines No. 7, the Chancellor or designee of each institution shall appoint a committee or committees which have the responsibility for advising the campus administration to:

a. assure compliance with Unclassified Personnel Guidelines No. 7;

b. develop institutional guidelines and procedures for transfer between academic staff and classified service; and

c. review and approve all applications for transfer between academic staff and classified service.

(2) The Chancellor or designee has designated an Academic Staff Titling Committee comprised of the Senate of Academic Staff to carry out this function.

a. It is the position not the person that is to be converted. This means that positions and people holding specific assignments are independently converted.

b. When the position being converted is in a college unit, the request must come from the department chair or equivalent and then go to the appropriate Dean in the college, then to the Associate Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs and then to the Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs.

c. When the position being converted is in a non-college unit, the request must come from the immediate supervisor, then go to the unit Director or the appropriate supervisor, then to the Director of Human Resources, then to the Vice Chancellor for Administrative Services.

d. The Chancellor or designee will approve or disapprove the request and submit conversion requests to UW System Administration for approval.

e. The final decision will be shared with the Senate of Academic Staff.

f. Requests to change between classified staff position and academic staff position shall include: (1) the title of the position to be changed; (2) the conversion request has been reviewed by a conversion committee and approved by the chancellor; (3) a copy of the former classified position description and organization chart and the new unclassified position description and organization chart; (4) the background circumstances associated with the changes; (5) a detailed explanation using the information in UPG 7 regarding why the redesigned position is now more appropriate in the unclassified service; (6) other comparable position at our instituting and at other UW institutions which are academic staff; (7) based on the review/audit by the Human Resources Office, a detailed explanation of why the position’s work cannot be identified in the classified service; (8) the unclassified title being recommended; (9) the academic credentials and experience that relates to the position’s higher educational work area.

ACS 5.3. Conversions Between Academic Staff and Faculty.

(1) From academic staff to faculty.

(a) For an instructional academic staff person to be converted to faculty, they must have been originally hired through the normal recruitment and hiring process.

(b) A change from academic staff to faculty requires a recommendation from the pertinent academic department or unit, submitted through normal administrative channels and processes for approval by the Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, Chancellor or designee and Board of Regents.

(2) From faculty to academic staff. A change from faculty to academic staff will be possible if agreed to by the faculty member and approved by the affected department or unit, through normal channels, including review by the Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, resulting in approval by the Chancellor or designee. In addition:

(a) the faculty member must be appointed to a position with different responsibilities than he/she had as a faculty member; and

(b) the title used must be consistent with those found in UW System UPG 1.

When transferring from a faculty to an academic staff position, time served as a faculty member at UW Oshkosh shall count as time served in the academic staff position, provided that the experience is relevant to the duties to be assumed in the academic staff position.

ACS 5.4. Academic Staff to Limited Appointment.

An academic staff member who accepts a limited appointment shall not lose credit for the prior time served in the academic staff position.